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The Bird Table Competition

 20th June 2017

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CP Holiday Competition Closed 6th November 2018

Bill’s Birthday Card Competition

Closed 12th June 2018

BBC Poster Competition Closes 9th July 2019

AURIOL’S COMPETITION: Everyone (including volunteers) should now be proficient in Libre Office or Word. 
 To prove your prowess, here is a small challenge: COMPLETED BY 1st MAY 2020

500 word writing competition = Prize Given and story entered in the Newsletter

1. 500 words exactly.

2. No word to be repeated (except and of it is and similar joining words.

3. The Thesaurus should be used to find alternative words

4. The Title needs to be in bold and underlined and in 14 The font should be Times New Roman throughout.  The story itself should be in 12 point.

5. Italics must be used at least once

6. The short story should start with the phrase.It was a dark and stormy night

7. The words DARK, STORMY and NIGHT can be used only once more in the story.

8. Spelling has to be correct (using the English spelling if using words which are spelt differently in America)