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(16/9/21) Covid19-Alert  - ! ComputerPals ‘ZOOM’ Tuesday’s !Open at DCC NOW - Updates:Click here

Computer Training For All Ages And Levels A non-profit organisation supported by volunteers
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Tuesday’s Covid Club Page

Welcome to the Covid Club Computer ‘FUN’ For All Ages And Levels

Schedule for a typical Tuesday Zoom call

Before 09.59   General Chat (Playtime)         

10:00 – 10:05 Assembly and Roll Call  

10:06 – 10:25 Quiz of the Week

10:26 – 10:35 Quiz Answers and Roll of Honour
and ‘What’s Kevin talking about?’

10:36 – 10:45 Hot topics – This week’s Book; Covid News,                              Recipes, Sites to Visit, Games to Play, etc…

10:46 – 10:50 Coffee Break (or Tea and Biscuits)
Ask the serving staff to bring you in your hot
                                    beverage now

10:51 – 11:00 Technology News – TOM’s 4T Guide, plus
                          Scam of the Week and Computer updates …


11:01 …           Detention, and lines for those late or not
                          getting more than 85% !  

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