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Computer Training For All Ages And Levels A non-profit organisation supported by volunteers

Handout Links (just click on an underlined numbered topic below to view):

1. How to log onto your ComputerPal’s website.

2. Emails.

3. Free Games.

4. Computer Security.

5. How to use free online (Cloud) storage.

6. Online shopping.

7. Using search engines.

8. Find and print Recipes.  

9. Keeping in touch with friends and family.

10. Using YouTube.   YouTube Handouts   YouTube Homework  

11. Online banking.

12. Using comparison websites.

13. Using Libre Office.

14. Using Microsoft Office (currently the ‘Wotiz Presentations).

A: An introduction to Excel Spreadsheets 1

B: An introduction to Excel Spreadsheets 2

C: How to Create labels

15. How to Create and Research a family tree.

16. How to get the best out of your Computer

A: Apple

B: Microsoft Windows 10.

17. Glossary of computer terms.

18. Latest scams etc…

19. Common ‘computer’ products?

20. Computer programming.

21. Create a web page.

22. Check your broadband speed.

23: How to set up your Windows computer for automatic updates


* The WOTiZ series of presentations can be reached by clicking here

 * 2020 Calendar Template Click Here (LibreOffice) 2020 S-Sheet (EXCEL)

* Click Here for the Windows 1809 Update - Presentation  

* Click here for Mouse Information  

* How to Setup a Brand New Computer Two identical versions . CLICK HERE for the 25 page guide, or CLICK HERE for the 6 page booklet version, which needs to be printed double sided (flip over).     

* Click Here for a 1 Page Valentines Card Template

* Click Here for ‘Making Pretty Documents’ v2

* Plain Text version

* Click for more plain but ‘Silly’ text

* Click Here for ‘Microsoft PAINT - Quick Guide’

* Click here for guide for moving photos from a camera/phone to your computer

* Click here for the World Backup Day 2019 Presentation

* Click here for the Windows 1903 Update Presentation

* Bill’s Birthday - How to make a CARD (FLIP)