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Tesbury's Supermark

Nothing is actually free

Except maybe the Virus you loaded by clicking that button
Think BEFORE you click

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Banco de Bogata

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Vosa Card


Welcome to the Dark Web

The Dark Web

Medical Supplies

Rubberware Our ChinYan Laboratory can provide cut price medical goods direct to your door

Buying Medical Goods on the Internet?

Do you really know what you are buying?

A number of things could occur
  • You buy, and nothing arrives

  • Your bank details, and your name/address are now being sold on the Dark Web

  • The 'goods' arrive, but their actual quality, or worse their chemical components are rogue

  • The money you paid, now sponsors a South American Drugs Cartel

  • Your details have been added to a 'suckers' list - you will get loads more offers

Free Dope
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Love on the Internet
From: Loverly Linda []
Date: 12 April 2027 at 00:12:06 GMT
I love you

Hello My Dearest,

I am so pleased to finally be ready to join you in love, my sweetie
as requested by you. All I need is the air fare to escape from my job as Consultant Brain.
surgeon, for orphaned infants here in volcano torn upper Pergola, and the terrorists need.
a small bribe to let me go. It is so hard being in the United Nation Relief Force. but the thought
of being in your English love nest with you my wonderful sweetheart.
Please remember to keep our Internet love affair secret from your frinds and family, how could
ever understand how much we are in love, after such a short time.
Pay the £5368,68 quickly and I will be in your arms ... soon

Yours forever


This central African Cyber Cafe charges me 10 zimba/hour.
Out of my 139 allocated "love affairs" I've only managed to collect 700 Euros this week
My minder is getting angry, so please pay up so I can get on to my next boyfriend

Hover over the Kisses to see my real feeling

From: Fort BitCoin <>
Date: 10 November 2024 at 00:12:06 GMT
Subject: As Requested


Your BTC wallet has been funded with 17.7 BTC making a total of (1,080,108 GB £)
as requested by you. Please login with below details to confirm your BTC balance.

Website: :
Customer ID : 10607661
Password : dv22ed

We need your Account Details to Transfer the Money   Naturally ...

Remember if it is too good to be true, IT IS!!!

Even with partial details, like the sort code, you could be open to a telephone scam from somebody pretending to be from your bank.

Be warned, hackers often pass on / sell your details so that other criminals can use the captured information in other scams.

Ring .. Ring ..

Norfhants Polise
Courier Fraud

Market Place
Please send Money
SCAMS   Take Care

... it probably is !

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